Bellingham Anesthesia and Surgical Consultants

mail: 710 Birchwood Ave. #101, Bellingham, WA 98225

email:         360.676.2628


Who is BASC?

We are a non-profit medical organization with a long name and an important mission.

We are an association of independent, board certified, specialty physicians, offering the very best surgical services in the Northwest.


Dr. Michael Thorpe M.D. President.


Mission Statement


Bellingham Anesthesia & Surgical Consultants is committed to facilitating physician communication and cooperation in an effort to assure that our patients receive quality health care in Whatcom and surrounding counties. We will emphasize the physician’s unique role as the patient’s advocate and work to achieve a strong voice in the process of medical care decision-making. Our health care delivery will be characterized by teamwork and shared responsibilities through collaborative relationships with other health care providers (physicians, hospitals, ancillary professionals).


We will emphasize the service attributes of quality, cost, and efficiency.  We will provide a network of highly respected physicians who are committed and willing to work together as a team to preserve quality health care and improve measurable health outcomes for the patients we serve. We will actively engage in the development and implementation of procedures for managing and improving clinical and administrative processes and outcomes.


Bellingham Anesthesia & Surgical Consultants Organizational Goals;


Be a leader in improving the overall health care of the local community


Provide physician-directed quality management through a Washington State Certified Coordinated Quality Improvement Plan


Promote establishment of the appropriate role for specialty care in assuring patient access, coordination of care and improving quality of care.